Community Partner Specs & Details

We’re looking forward to our partnership! Here’s what you need to know:

Easy money. We’ll give you a check!

20% ticket benefit
To receive your 20% ticket benefit you will be provided a ticket code to share with your friends and followers. Ticket-purchasers must use this code at online checkout for the transaction to be used towards your 20% benefit. After the concert we’ll send you the number of tickets purchased with your code and give you a check! Contact to get your code.

Pre-concert slides
Provide no more than 10 slides as powerpoint slides or as jpeg images in 16 x 9 format. Please no animations, slide transitions, or sound. Video is acceptable if suitable without sound. Send to at least two weeks before concert day.

Concert program full page
Provide one jpeg image or pdf at the size of 3.75 (w) x 6.125 (h) inches. Send to at least two weeks before concert day.

Concert program leaflet
Our concert program is a folded book 5 (w) x 8 (h) inches when folded. Your leaflet may exceed these dimensions but please plan to fit appropriately within this size without being unwieldy or apt to fall out. A common trifold works well. Deliver your leaflet to the HFO office at least one week before the concert day (8500 N Knoxville Ave, Suite G, Peoria, IL 61615), to coordinate drop off email

Message from the stage
Your message from the stage should be no longer than 5 minutes long. We will not be able to facilitate a powerpoint presentation along with your message.